Here’s an at-home spa treatment that costs just pennies and you can even treat your kids to it. Simply place a few drops of essential oil on the shower floor before stepping in. No big deal, right? But wait a few seconds and the steam will carry the healing benefits of aromatherapy to your nose. The trick works in the bath as well. A tip: Use your hand to mix the oils in with the bath water so that they dilute and can’t irritate the skin.

Make sure you buy 100 percent pure essential oils, organic preferred, from your local natural products store. One bottle will cost about $8 to $12 and last forever.

Here are some aromatherapy basics to get you going:

Mint: invigorating

Lavender: calming (great for kids’ nighttime bath)

Eucalyptus: clears sinuses

Clary Sage: de-stresses