Compared with conventionally raised livestock, grass-fed beef, eggs and dairy are significantly more nutritious. For example, lower fat content and increased heart healthy omega-3s are among the most notable improvements to animals that eat grass rather than GM corn, soy or alfalfa. Recognizing these benefits, former journalist Jo Robinson founded the website—a site dedicated to dispelling science-backed information about pasture-raised meat.

“I learned that pasture alone turned out to be the native diet of cattle,” Robinson explains in an interview with Organic Connections. “I was able to see a few studies about the nutritional profile of grass-fed cattle, and it was very similar to wild game. It was at that point I realized that if you feed animals their native diets, then the meat and milk that they produce is very similar to our native [hunter-gatherer] diet.” The quality of the forage is essential to the quality of the meat, Robinson says.

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