Reassurance, please?
I think your Annual Guide to Health & Wellness (August 2005) was terrific, but I need to know if the suggestions in the articles were well researched. For example, “Health Issue: Stress” included five supplements to reduce stress. How can readers be sure that these suggestions are well founded? Are there viable scientific experiments that prove the benefits of these supplements? I have a scientist husband who feels these products—unless they have scientific backing—are useless.

—Mary Lou Haugh, via e-mail

We share your husband’s belief that supplements should be backed by solid scientific research before they are taken. That’s why we rely on well-credentialed authorities (who are familiar with current research) and recently published scientific studies to support our suggestions. Each issue of Delicious Living is also reviewed by our medical editor, Robert Rountree, MD, and scrupulously fact-checked for accuracy. However, we do encourage you to consult your health care practitioner before starting a new supplement.


How do I subscribe?
I just love your magazine. Nightfire Natural Foods, a new natural foods store here in Klamath Falls, Oregon, offers Delicious Living for free and puts a copy in every bag. Having just lost 52 pounds, I’ve been more conscientious about health and nutrition. Thank you for all of the wonderful articles on both subjects, particularly which herbs are safe to take with certain medications, and healthy juices and other drinks. How can I receive your magazine at home?

—Tabathia S. Byrd, Klamath Falls, Oregon

To make sure that you never miss a month of Delicious Living, you can subscribe by visiting our website and clicking on Subscribe or by calling 888.721.4321.


Collecting recipes
I have been reading and collecting recipes from Delicious Living for years. I would love to buy a cookbook with all of the recipes in it. Do you have one? If not, please consider doing this in the future!

—Katie Carter, via e-mail

Although we don’t have any plans to compile a cookbook soon, you can find hundreds of our recipes online by visiting and clicking on Recipes. They are organized into convenient categories such as appetizers, entrées, and desserts, and you can find recipes that include specific ingredients by typing any ingredient (such as “pumpkin”) into the search box. Happy cooking!