Global Gifts

In this season of abundance, consider a life-giving gift to meet others' needs worldwide. Check out these worthy options:

Celebrate Service
SEVA Foundation combines practical response to human needs with a sensitivity to native peoples and cultures. Designate your donation to help train a Mayan midwife, assist Native American language preservation, train Nepalese healers in eye care or one of many other choices. 800.223.7382;

Plenty to Go Around
PLENTY an international food-assistance program, sets up soybean cooperatives abroad to help native communities feed themselves and market their products to others. 931.964.4864;

Home Sweet Home
Healthy wildlife, wild places and natural resources are not a luxury — they're an essential part of our own health and well-being. Since 1936, the National Wildlife Federation has been committed to keeping wild things alive and growing. 800.822.9919;

— Elisa Bosley