TacosThe Keep Nature Natural Campaign for mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods has intensified since the recent nationwide recall of Taco Bell tortilla shells. As reported in The New York Times on Sept. 23, 2000, Kraft Foods announced the recall after an unapproved variety of genetically engineered corn — containing a protein with allergen characteristics — was discovered in the widely consumed taco shells.

In the last session of Congress, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, R-Ohio, introduced the Genetically Engineered Foods Right To Know Act, designed to federally mandate labeling and safety testing of GE foods. Kucinich reacted to the Taco Bell recall by saying, "It concerns me, and should concern American consumers, that this is a glimpse of things to come as genetically engineered products are rushed to store shelves without real mandatory safety testing and labeling programs in place."

As a new Congress takes office, urge your representatives to support the GE Foods Right To Know Act. Log on to keepnatural.org to instantly contact your representatives or to submit your comments to the Food and Drug Administration's official GE foods labeling docket. Act today — visit keepnatural.org or call 800.357.2211.

Photography by: Jeff Padrick