Planning a road trip? Avoid junk food and cross-contaminated offerings with these easy tips.Get more advice for living gluten-free in our Guide to Gluten-Free Living.

Find accommodations with a kitchen

At your destination, rent an apartment or stay at a hotel with kitchenette so you can prepare more of your own meals. Although you might pay more up front, in the end, this can be a big money saver.

Tap into gluten-free communities.

Get in touch with the gluten-free community in the city you plan to visit to get the lowdown on friendly restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. Check out,, and, where you can find listings and user reviews of restaurants and hotels catering to the gluten-free crowd.

Fly the gluten-free friendly skies

Some domestic and global airlines now offer gluten-free meals and snacks when given 24 to 96 hours of advance notice. But pack some security-friendly backup options—nuts, dried fruit, or gluten-free bars—in your carry-on just in case.