March may be the month to celebrate green clover, but red clover can bring you just as much luck. Red clover blossoms, common purple flowers indigenous to North America and Europe, were traditionally used as a tonic to promote good health and peace of mind. Today, studies show that red clover—whether taken as a capsule or tablet, tea or tincture—is therapeutic in a variety of ways.

Red clover:

  • Enriches the diet, as the blossom contains vitamins A, B-complex and C, plus the minerals calcium, chromium, iron and magnesium;
  • Serves as a digestive aid, plus acts as a sedative to ease muscle cramping;
  • Provides antibiotic properties, which are beneficial in the treatment of skin irritations and inflammations—a time-tested remedy for eczema;
  • Cleanses and improves the overall health of the liver and kidneys; and
  • Contains isoflavones, compounds that prevent cancer and improve cardiovascular health in menopausal women.