April is Stress Awareness Month and Delicious Living has partnered with Ashley Koff, RD and Natural Vitality Publishingon a #stressfreechat that will provide you with the advice you need to face stress headon! We know that everyone experiences stress at some point—but when levels become too high, your health can suffer.

So join us on April 22 at 1 pm MT/3 pm ETas we explore expert advice on managing stress in our everyday lives.

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Also be sure to download your freeStay Calmguide to get a deeper understanding of stress (deep down to the cellular level!)—and how you can best manage it.

Who will you be chatting with?

Ashley Koff, RD:Internationally-renowned registered dietitian, Ashley Koff RD knows better nutrition is simple but that many factors make it seem confusing and complicated. Koff's on a mission to help people achieve their personal health goals by providing them the simple solutions they need while simultaneously working to expose and eliminate the inappropriate information that contributes to nutrition seeming complicated. A frequent award-winning nutrition expert, Koff regularly appears nationally in media, at podiums, and is the go-to consultant for the nation's medical leaders. A self-described “Qualitarian,” Koff emphasizes the value of better quality nutrition choices to create optimal health, and over the last decade has culled together the largest database (>50k) of dietitian-evaluated, not financially influenced, better quality food and supplement product resource - The AKA List. Koff shares Jimmy Buffet's belief "If we couldn't laugh we'd all go insane" making humor a priority in both her professional and personal life. She's grateful as well for the moments she can find to fly fish around the globe andspend time with her dog,

Natural Vitality Publishing:Natural Vitality Publishing is part of the purpose-drivencommitment of supplementmaker Natural Vitality to healthier and happier living. Our websites, online newsletters, print publications, and eBooks offer content to demonstrate the power individuals have to realize the potential of our personal and collective world.

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