A space to suit your mood

When I want to feel calm, I go into our garden and stand beneath the graceful arch my husband made that is covered with a flowering vine. We were married beneath this arch, and no matter how stressful or taxing my day feels, the moment I take my position there I am brought back to the purity and clarity I experienced while saying my marriage vows.

When I want to feel productive, I take the time I don’t think I have to clear my desk of clutter. This effort helps clear my mind of clutter, too, and allows me to be twice as efficient as I would have been working among piles of papers.

Creating a place to suit your needs—whether you want to feel peaceful at home, energized at the office, or safe in your hotel room—is the focus of our story “A Space to Relax." We hope the information helps you learn how to transform your spaces into the atmospheres you desire. Be sure to check out how Delicious Living staff members create their favorite spaces.

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A talk with this month’s cover model, Sabrina Geerinckx
Q: What are your best natural beauty secrets?

A: Getting eight hours of sleep, moisturizing twice a day, morning and night, and cleaning my skin before I go to sleep. I usually don’t wear any makeup when I'm not working because I like the feeling of natural, breathing skin. And I smile a lot. Smiling is the secret of beauty—more than any makeup or beautiful clothes. If you feel good within yourself and about who you are, your face will automatically light up. It gives you confidence and that’s attractive.

Q: How do you like to de-stress?

A: I have a relaxation ritual. I prepare a nice, homey atmosphere in my house with some world music, incense (like ylang-ylang), lots of beige candles, fresh flowers (gardenias are my favorite), and a warm bath with aromatic relaxing oils, such as lavender.

Q: What natural products do you use?

A: Aromatic essential oils, gardenia perfume, natural soaps, and bath foams.

Q: What is your favorite natural products store?

A: In New York, I like Whole Foods and Healthy Pleasures in SoHo.