Everyone needs UV protection, but like all skin care, sunscreen is best when matched to your lifestyle, age, and skin type. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 at least 15 minutes before sun exposure; reapply every two hours, or after swimming or prolonged sun exposure as needed.


Beyond Coastal Active SPF 30: Made for high-sun-exposure activities, this sunscreen’s blend of aloe, shea butter, and rosehip oil nourishes your skin during a long, active day. The water-resistant lotion is fragrance-, oil-, and paraben-free and offers additional free-radical protection with antioxidant-rich yerba maté, green tea, and algae extract.


Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Xela: The 70 percent organic formula offers broad-spectrum, mineral-based UVA and UVB protection with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Its blend of organic oils, including organic apricot kernel, palm kernel, coconut, sweet almond, and jojoba, ensures it goes on smooth and replenishes moisture for all skin types.


Loving Naturals SPF 30+ Sunscreen: Sunscreen chemicals can be particularly harsh on your little one’s skin, which is more sensitive and absorbent than that of adults. That’s why the Environmental Working Group recommends blocking rays with a mineral-based sunscreen like this one that uses zinc oxide, plus contains vegetable oils and organic, fair-trade cocoa (which also offers additional UV protection) to help soothe and moisturize.