Stress. It’s a part of our everyday lives, but stress is not necessarily bad …

Think about it this way: You need tension in your leg muscles to walk or run, but if the tension doesn’t release and intensifies, the result can be a painful cramp. Stress is constructing, tightening action like making a fist. If you can’t release it and relax, stress can accumulate and your body bears the brunt. That can lead to discomfort and, with accumulation, a range of unwanted health issues.

Each of us faces the important task of managing our stress to avoid these associated problems. On a physical level, that means balancing your calcium (a tensing mineral) intake with magnesium (a relaxing mineral). It also involves avoiding negative (tensing) thoughts and motions and adopting for more positive (relaxing and happier) ones. Maybe skipping the evening news would help.

Our pets know how to chill and having them around sets a good example. They really understand active and passive modes and find great enjoyments in both. They also don’t interrupt their sleep by chewing over the day or worrying about the future.

I’m thinking that we already have a daily awareness of stress. Perhaps we’d be better off taking a page out of their book and putting the focus on stresslessness.

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–Ken Whitman, Natural Vitality President