Select seeds. Allow your child to choose what he or she wants to grow. your natural products store likely has a selection of usda organic seed packets (see “super seeds,” below). Easy-to-grow choices include herbs, lettuces, green onions, zucchini, and string beans.

Start seedlings. Begin plants indoors to ensure the garden gets a running start (and to get kids excited about their spring and summer project). Punch drainage holes into the bottom divots of empty egg cartons. fill one-fourth of the way with soil, add 1–2 seeds, and top with a thin layer of soil. moisten, cover with plastic, and place in a warm spot, such as near a heating vent. When sprouts appear, uncover and move seedlings to a sunny window. When larger, transfer to painted terra cotta pots.

Plan. Using a ruler and colored pencils, help your child create a garden plan on graph paper. Consider growing the “three sisters” (get recipe for Three Sisters Stew) for nutrition and soil health: corn provides structural support for beans, squash leaves shield plants from the sun, beans return nitrogen to the soil, and all three comprise a complete protein.

Super Seeds

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