Hope for Infertility

Touting benefits beyond mental relaxation and muscle-tension relief, massage therapy is now offering hope to women with infertility problems. The WURN technique, developed by a Florida-based physiotherapist and massage-therapist couple, is a unique form of deep-tissue massage that allegedly helps unblock damaged areas of the reproductive system. Two small pilot studies showed a 50 percent success rate, resulting in four pregnancies among eight women with mechanical infertility problems and adhesions — a buildup of tissue from injury or inflammation. According to Larry Wurn, L.M.T., the average length of treatment to reverse infertility is 16 to 20 hours.

Marvin Heuer, M.D., head researcher and president of the Florida Medical and Research Institute, says that a clinically controlled trial to assess the method involving 30 women has begun. "The theory is scientifically sound," he adds, "and certainly would offer a far less costly and invasive treatment option to the millions of couples suffering the infertility dilemma."

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Angela Pirisi