Clean skin with cream cleanser, gently massaging the neck and face. Rinse well; follow with rose water or other toner to remove any residue.

Exfoliate gently with a cornmeal-water paste, or cooked and cooled oatmeal. Rinse.

Steam face for 10 minutes: Hold your face over a bowl of hot (not boiling) water, draping a towel around your head to catch the warmth. For extra benefit, add several drops of essential oil to the water: lavender for normal skin, tea tree oil for oily skin, rose oil for dry skin, chamomile for sensitive skin.

Make a mask of whisked egg yolk to firm mature skin, strawberries for oily skin or plain yogurt to exfoliate. Leave on 10 minutes. Remove gently with upward strokes. Again, tone with rose water or try witch hazel or organic apple cider vinegar.

Finish with an application of your favorite natural moisturizer.

Source: Debbie Townes and Monica Williams, co-owners of The HomeSpa in Brooklyn, N.Y.; 718.596.8668,