Auromère Ayurvedic Mouthwash

Active ingredients:Neem and peelu bark clean the mouth and reduce gum inflammation while Indian licorice and clove freshen breath. Pomegranate and rose apple prevent bleeding gums.


The Natural Dentist All Natural Antigingivitis Rinse

Active Ingredients:Peppermint and sage oils eliminate bad breath while preventing plaque and gingivitis. Aloe vera and vegetable glycerin soothe the gums.

Flavor: Peppermint Sage

Kiss My Face Fresh Breath Mouthwash

Active Ingredients:Tea tree oil and organic aloe vera soothe the gums while grapefruit seed extract cleans and disinfects the mouth.


Jason Power Smile Cinnamon Mint Mouthwash

Active Ingredients:Cinnamon and peppermint oil fight bad breath. Sea salt strengthens the gums and prevents plaque.

Flavor:Cinnamon Mint