Some weeks, it's the little things that count: My 3-year-old daughter cheerfully obliges when I ask her to wash her hands for dinner, or my husband brings me Dagoba dark chocolate (my favorite, the chili-infused Xocolatl bar) even if it's not Valentine's Day. Because Dagoba produces its chocolates with what it calls "full circle sustainability," I don't have to feel guilty over the indulgence.

There are little things that make me happy during my busy days here at Delicious Living , too: I recently got to sample two new flavors of Lundberg Family Farms Organic Rice Cakes—Sweet Green Tea, and Flax with Tamari. Yum! They're the perfect light but tasty snack for me as I round the corner into the last trimester of pregnancy (in other words, being constantly hungry!) My daughter loves them, too.

And, speaking of being pregnant, a friend here turned me on to two great prenatal supplements: The Rainbow Light Prenatal One VeganGuard Multivitamin, fortified with digestive enzymes and ginger for easier digestion. And the Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA gel caps. An essential fatty acid found in fish and algae, DHA is a key nutrient for fetal eye and brain development. Since I don't eat fish—or algae for that matter—taking supplements ensures I'm getting enough. (Check out my last blog for info on vegetarian DHA supplements.)

What new—or tried-and-true—healthy products make you happy? Let us know!