Cancer concerns

I enjoy your magazine, but I was upset by Helen Olsson's article in the August 2008 issue (“Beat the Odds”). She stated that lung cancer is a “no-brainer” caused by smoking. I am a nonsmoker with lung cancer and would like to believe that my cancer was bad luck. No one deserves this disease no matter what lifestyle she chooses — all we can do is encourage a healthier way of living.
Susie Youngwerth, Boise, Idaho

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Susie. We couldn't agree more with you and the other readers who wrote with the same concerns: No one deserves cancer. Although our intention was to suggest healthy lifestyle choices that may reduce cancer risk, disease is rarely caused by any one thing or action. Please join our discussion at Type beat the odds into the search box, then scroll to the bottom of the page to add your comments.

Rosacea tip

Thank you for your article “Help for Rosacea” (June 2008). I got rid of my rosacea by switching to a dust-mite-free pillow.
Sally Messing, via email



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