April is National Stress Awareness Month, so help a loved one chill out a bit with this stress-less advent calendar. Each day a gift is opened that helps promote relaxation and calm. You can use this calendar and change the theme for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any special occasion.

Also be sure to dowload our Stay Calm: guide to stress-free living here.

What You’ll Need


  1. Find a 30-inch tree branch.
  2. Cut a 3-foot piece of twine or ribbon and tie a knot on each end of the tree branch.
  3. Find a place to hang your calendar, locate the center point it will hang from and hammer in a nail.
  4. Lay out your gifts and wrap them in scrap paper, or insert them into a brown paper bag or drawstring bag.
  5. If you used wrapping paper or paper bags, punch a hole in the top and cut a 12-inch piece of twine, ribbon or string and thread it through the hole. Once it’s threaded, tie it around the tree branch. If you used drawstring bags, tie a bow and thread the drawstring or ribbon through the bow and tie it to the branch.
  6. Punch circles out of the chalkboard paper with the 1-inch hole punch. Using chalk or a paint marker, write on the circles the numbers corresponding to the days of the month on which each gift will be opened. Use double-sided sticky tape to attach the circles to the drawstring bags, wrapping paper or paper bags.

Now you’re ready to hang your gifts for 30 days to a calmer you.