To cover all the bases, supplement daily with a good multivitamin/multimineral such as a multiple specifically designed for diabetics.

Improves insulin function. Medications to control blood sugar may need to be adjusted and even eliminated when taking supplements.

Choose a multivitamin/multimineral that includes at least 15-25 mg zinc.

Chromium picolinate
200-400 mcg/day

Works as a preventive dose to improve insulin function.

Up to 1,000 mcg/day to help reverse Type II diabetes.

A balanced antioxidant formula
Find one that includes 400 IU natural vitamin E and 200 mcg selenium.

Quenches excess free radicals and protects against heart disease.

Also take supplemental vitamin C so your intake is at least 500-1,000 mg/day.

400-600 mg in divided doses/day

Improves insulin response and action.

The consumption of alcohol can increase the need for magnesium.

Add alpha-lipoic acid,
a fat-soluble and water-soluble antioxidant. 50-100 mg as a preventive dose

Improves blood sugar and insulin levels.

For diabetics, especially those with diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain, tingling or loss of sensation), take up to 600 mg/day, along with 400 mg gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).