Detox Programs For Four Common Complaints

Detoxification is essentially the same for all people, yet every person's detox program should reflect their individual body and unique goals. Additional supplements may vary depending on needs — an arthritic person, an athlete and a hypertensive individual, for example, should customize their programs slightly.

Arthritis: Add glucosamine sulfate or ginger during the experimental stage.1,2

Athletic performance: Add electrolyte drink or protein powder during experimental phase.3

Fertility: Clearing up one's body can enhance fertility because the body becomes more effective and starts functioning better. Once conception does occur, the detoxification process ceases but the many dietary changes and benefits can remain.

Headaches: Headaches are often due to specific food allergens. Detoxing will help you determine and eliminate foods you're allergic to.4 Feverfew can help ease pain.5

Weight loss: Additional emotional support is beneficial.6
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