Clay is used in everything from coffee mugs to kitty litter, and it proves equally versatile for your skin—cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying, and moisturizing. Try these natural skin savers, straight from Mother Earth.


Made from volcanic ash, bentonite clay helps draw out skin’s toxins. Use 2–3 ounces pure bentonite clay in the bath for a detoxifying soak, or mix with a few drops of water and apply to skin to draw out oil and impurities.

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French green

Also known as illite or sea clay, its color comes from iron oxides and decomposed plant matter. An ultramoisturizing clay, its absorptive action makes it best for normal to oily skin.

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The mildest of all facial clays, kaolin is great for cleansing and removing dead skin cells and debris from pores. Because kaolin clay doesn’t strip skin’s oil, it’s ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

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Rhassoul or Moroccan

This reddish-brown clay comes from beneath Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Best for oily or combi-nation skin types, it has been used for centuries as a skin conditioner. It gently exfoliates while reducing dryness and improving skin clarity and elasticity.

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