Aloe vera juice and pulp may ease digestive distress and decrease chronic inflammation. You’ll find them blended with sweet carriers like lemon, pineapple, honey, and cranberry juice. In addition to providing vitamins such as beta-carotene, aloe contains beneficial enzymes, calcium, chromium, and copper. Some studies show aloe juice may boost nutrient absorption.Try: ALO Exposed Original + Honey


Early research suggests that aloe vera pulp can regulate blood sugar. Other studies indicate that taking aloe vera extract offersrelief from asthma and constipation. Aloe supplements may also strengthen your immune systemby stimulating white blood cells.Try: New Chapter Aloe Vera Force


Break off a leaf and squeeze the transparent gel directly onto sunburned skin. It’s also a popular moisturizer ingredient, thanks to natural amino acids and salicylic acids, which reduce inflammation and eliminate dead skin cells. Aloe may ease psoriasis and hasten tissue repair. Try: Aubrey Pure Aloe Vera