Colic, teething, sniffles and sneezes can make any baby—and parent—miserable. Instead of a frantic trip to the drugstore to ease baby's discomfort, try homeopathy. "Homeopathic remedies are particularly good for babies," says Dana Ullman, MPH. Based on the concept that "like cures like," homeopathy provides rapid response in infants. And, compared to pharmaceuticals, they are extremely safe. "Parents need to know that few drugs are adequately tested for infants," says Ullman. "An infant's body is a complex and delicate ecosystem that can get disrupted when powerful drugs are used." Unlike the often-prescribed bottle of pink antibiotic, homeopathic remedies allow the body to learn how to cure itself.

While over-the-counter homeopathic formulas are available in natural products stores to soothe common ailments such as teething and colic, Ullman recommends the following homeopathic ABCs when baby is under the weather:

  • Aconitum — Often referred to as the homeopathic vitamin C. Used during the first 24 hours of an infection, it's useful for fever, cough, sore throat and earache.
  • Belladonna — Used for sudden onset of fever, earache, sore throat, teething or colic. Indications include a flushed face, reddened lips, frightening dreams and dilated pupils.
  • Chamomilla — Calms a hyperirritable, restless child during teething, colic or infection.