When you have a newborn, chemicals in everyday household items such as cleaning supplies, food and toys pose a threat. And new mom Erin Royer, a former elementary schoolteacher, also was concerned about chemicals in children’s clothing, particularly the flame retardants applied to pajamas.

“Flame retardants have been linked to many of the childhood epidemics—ADHD, obesity, learning disabilities, a large number of hormonal issues, and even cancer,” Royer explains in an interview with Organic Connections magazine. “I saw a lot of these [issues] in my classroom as a teacher, so I definitely took notice.”

Royer founded Snug Organics, a Denver-based company dedicated to creating high-quality, nontoxic sleepwear for children. Made from 100 percent USDA Organic cotton and low-impact dyes, the company’s Sherpa Sleepers—plush, full-body pajamas—also keep babies and kids warm, reducing the need for potentially dangerous pillows and blankets in the crib.

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