It's hard to wander through the baby department of any store without gushing over all those adorable outfits. But when it comes to comfort, wear and maintenance, smart parents turn to organic cotton. Manufactured without synthetic dyes and finishes, organic cotton has a breathability that keeps baby comfortable in all kinds of weather. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are produced from nonrenewable petroleum and can trap perspiration, increasing the risk of overheating. These fabrics are also frequently treated with resins such as formaldehyde polymers or fire retardants that can irritate sensitive skin. Another tip: Forgo baby clothes that require dry cleaning. While that velvet jumper may be just the thing for a special occasion, cleaning it professionally subjects it to perchloroethylene, a neurotoxin and carcinogenic solvent. Just hanging a freshly dry cleaned garment in the closet can expose baby to perchloroethylene's toxic fumes.