Buying local food definitely has its merits: You buy the freshest, most nutrient-dense food possible along with supporting farmers in your community. But what if you could take sustainable farming into your own hands?

Compass Green is a project whose mission is to teach elementary, high school and university students bio-intensive agriculture—a method that produces maximum yields with minimal resources. The coolest part: Co-founders Justin Cutter and Nick Runkle arrive to teach in a fully functional greenhouse built in the back of a box truck. Compass Green can travel across the country to educate people on how to use interesting spaces to grow food.

“We did this so that we could put together something unique that would grab the attention of somebody who didn’t already give a hoot about sustainability,” explained Cutter in an interview with Organic Connections. “Not to mention it’s a good demonstration garden, illustrating the different principles that we teach.”

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