Gifts From The Garden

Mint Posies: Tie a bouquet of fresh mint — spearmint, chocolate mint or apple mint, for example — with a satin ribbon and present to your mom instead of flowers. She can keep them in a vase, use them for cooking or throw them in a hot bath, then climb in, too, and enjoy. From Book of Mint (Angus & Robertson) by Jackie French.

Rose Vinegar: Rinse and dry 1 cup rose petals, then place in a quart jar. Pour 1 pint white wine vinegar over petals, then tightly seal jar. Place in a sunny window for 2-3 weeks. Strain, then pour into a stoppered cruet. From Cooking With Flowers (Price Stern Sloan) by Zack Hanle.

Spring Plant Wreath: You'll need one 12-inch wet foam plastic base and 12 small annuals (pansies, primroses, petunias). Remove foam from base. Push plants into base and pack tightly. Place on a decorative tray. Water every two or three days. From Seasonal Wreaths (Trafalgar Square Publishing) by Susanna Morrison.

Framed Dried Flowers: Press flowers (pansies, lilies, rose petals) and foliage (leaves, grass, ferns) in a flower press, or between the pages of a book or newspaper. Arrange on a plain matte card and stick with latex-based adhesive. Cover with a decorative frame. From Wreaths & Garlands (Dorline Kindersley) by Malcolm Hillier.