Damian Magista is a Portland, Oregon beekeeper who produces a line of locally extracted artisan honey called Bee Local. But beyond the delicious possibilities, he has found that through his bees, he is creating dialogue, understanding and interest around protecting and preserving what may be the most essential insect in our food chain.

His method for community involvement? He recruits volunteers to ‘host’ beehives in their backyards. Not only are families able to learn about beekeeping, but they are also able to develop a respect for the art of beekeeping. “Because of the way I host, I’m engaging a neighborhood,” Magista explained in an interview with Organic Connections. “I’m creating communities by placing these hives in different areas … This whole thing is just really an opportunity to educate them. It gives me the ability to bring awareness and bring community together through something as simple as beekeeping," he said.

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