1. Buy flowers the day before and hide them until the right moment.
  2. Place amorous notes in your loved one's briefcase, daytimer, pockets or purse or send emails to build anticipation for dinner.
  3. Purchase all cooking ingredients ahead of time. Running to the store at the last minute puts a damper on romance.
  4. If you have children, arrange for a babysitter to take them out to a movie and dinner.
  5. Cover the table with white butcher paper and provide crayons for writing sexy messages.
  6. Fill a squeeze bottle with warm red plum jelly and write a love note on the dinner plate.
  7. Set the CD player running with favorite love tunes.
  8. Decorate the place settings with sweet-note candy hearts and read them aloud during your meal.
  9. Eat each dinner course in a different room, finishing up with dessert in your favorite room for love.