Miss the crunch of croutons on your salad? Of course gluten-free croutons are easy to make but here’s a delicious naturally gluten-free alternative that will not only jazz up the taste of your salads, but provide excellent nutrition too.

Hempseeds have a nutty flavor and are a good source of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as of high quality protein. They also provide fiber and various minerals. Hemp seed can be sprinkled straight from the package on a variety of foods, from yogurt to fruit to salad, much as you’d use chopped nuts.

But for an even nuttier taste that works well on salads and vegetables try the following:
Toast desired amount of hemp seeds over medium heat in a heavy skillet, for about 10 minutes (until slightly darkened) stirring frequently. Add kosher salt (to taste) before the last couple minutes of toasting.

Hempseeds are available in most natural foods stores as well as in many mainstream markets.

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