Every meal, remember to make half your plate fruits and vegetables.

If your favorite foods are burgers, sandwiches or pizza (all gluten-free), there’s no need to give these up; just load them up with veggies: plenty of lettuce, tomato, onion on a burger; mushrooms and spinach on a pizza. You get the idea. Incorporate veggies into your favorite dishes.

If prepping fresh vegetables seems to take too much time, do this step ahead of time when you have a few minutes, or use frozen or canned vegetables instead.

Craving a sweet snack?Reach for a piece of fresh fruit.A fabulously healthy and easy snack.

Are you a dessert fan?Go ahead and have some of that (gluten-free) chocolate cake (or other baked good).But make it a half portion or less and make your dessert plate healthier, prettier and more satisfying by including fruit on the side.Berries, fresh sliced pear, or the fruit of your choice make a delicious complement.

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