Serving mouthwatering treats is a true compliment in Italy; if you really want to impress your recipients, do like the Italians and offer bread, a gesture that traditionally means “may you never go hungry.”

Alessi Rosemary Bread Sticks

Savory herbed breadsticks are modern-day replacements for a cumbersome loaf. These treats arrive from Italy to fill out your antipasto platter with vibrant rosemary flavor.

Lucini Savory Fig Balsamico

Small-batch imported Italian vinegar is the perfect accompaniment to fine cheeses, breads, and assorted vegetables. In this variation, fig provides a particularly sweet and festive taste.

Ciao Bella Gelato

These after-dinner delights come in dozens of gelato and sorbet flavors, including blood orange, pistachio, Italian caramel, and chocolate hazelnut. Great for local hostess gifts (and shippable to those farther afield).

Pizzolato Fields Prosecco

Toast the season with a light and fruity sparkling wine made from USDA Organic grapes, ideal for holiday celebrations.


“Omiyage,” the Japanese term for souvenir, is closer to art form than obligation. As gifts, these aim to capture the essence of a special place you’ve traveled.

Joyce Chen Sushi Kit and Navitas Naturals Nori Sheets, plus The Ginger People Natural Pickled Sushi Ginger

Pair raw USDA Organic seaweed sheets and zesty pure ginger with a kit that includes everything you need to make your own sushi: bamboo sushi mat, rice paddle, and step-by-step instructions.

Pureness Ume Plum Vinegar

Fragrant and detoxifying, this tart-sweet treat is ideal as a flavor enhancer to soups and stir-frys. Also try serving in a sake glass alongside sushi, or mixing with sparkling water and fresh fruit for a festive spritzer.

To-go Ware Repeat Utensil Set

This 100 percent recycled plastic case holds bamboo chopsticks and cutlery.


Traditionally, African gifts emphasize practicality over extravagance, but these staples provide the best of both worlds.

Divine Chocolate Limited Edition Holiday Bars

Give these fair-trade bars in Divine’s two holiday flavors: milk chocolate with spiced cookies and 70 percent dark chocolate with ginger and orange. Made with cacao from Ghana.

Conscious Coffees Organic Ethiopia Washed Sidamo

Make the conscious choice with a fair-trade, certified organic coffee roast. By purchasing a single-origin blend, you’ll help support indigenous farmers and ethical production practices.

Out of Africa 100 % Pure and Unrefined Shea Butter

Thick, luscious fair-trade organic shea butter will impress any lotion lover with its antioxidant-rich, skin-quenching decadence.

The Amazon

Yerba maté, an herbal tea infusion from leaves of the yerba maté tree, is a gift from the gods, according to South American legend. Give your friends and family divine treatment with an assortment of exotic Amazonian teas (Psst, they’re not just for your cup!).

Tisano Cacao Tea

From the fibrous husk of the cacao bean, this full-bodied, chocolaty tea is as rich in nutrients as it is in flavor. The certified organic cacao hails from a single venezuelan source.

Terramazon Bath Tea

Soak up this cinnamon- and cardamom-scented bath tea made with organic ingredients, including natural herbs and essential oils.

Guayaki Gourd Gift Pack

Guayaki’s new gift pack includes loose yerba maté, a traditional maté gourd, and a “bombilla”—a stainless-steel straw to filter maté leaves.


Gift giving carries deep spiritual meaning in India, so offer loved ones some of these mind-body products.

Triloka Soapstone Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

This carefully sculpted diffuser moonlights as a beautiful home accent. Pair with Aura Cacia essential oils.

Earth Henna Body Painting Kit

Armed with henna powder, eucalyptus oil, stencils, and a professional squeeze-bottle applicator, you’ll be designing detailed body art, traditionally done for joyous celebrations, in no time.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils

Choose from Aura Cacia’s assortment of 100 percent pure essential oils, including palmarosa and lemongrass that are obtained from India through the company’s Well Earth sustainable-sourcing program.

Triple Amber Incense

Real amber resin fills the air with a lingering, soothing, warming scent. Perfect for meditation.

New Zealand

This holiday season, trade in New Zealand’s notorious lolly cake (a biscuit-based cake filled with fruit puffs) for some of these sophisticated sweets made from fresh and natural Kiwi ingredients.

Heilala vanilla 100 Percent Pure vanilla Syrup

This satisfyingly sweet syrup is made from South Pacific vanilla pods and packaged at Heilala’s New Zealand–based processing center. The syrup is bottled with a whole vanilla bean, so its multilayered flavor develops with age.

Honeymark Manuka Honey

Produced by bees that gathered nectar from the native New Zealand manuka bush, this useful treat boasts antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rutherford & Meyer Quince Fruit Paste

Slice (don’t spread) this indulgence, made exclusively from the tangy golden quince fruit, before adding to cheese plates and antipasto platters.