Pop with citrus. Tall and narrow or short and wide, virtually any clear glass container looks gorgeous with bright, fresh, uncut lemons, limes, or tangerines, or a combination. Surround with small potted succulents for accent.

Cozy up to red. Fill a wide, clear, shallow bowl with frozen cranberries. In the center, place a white or gold pillar candle. The cranberries will keep at room temperature for several days.

Savor exotic fragrance. Buddha’s hand, a unique-looking “fingered” citrus, emits a delightful scent. Use one large or several small fruits by themselves, set on a silvery place mat or charger; for contrast, tuck tiny orange kumquats alongside.

Strike it rich. Vivid orange persimmons, winsome mini-pumpkins, and ruby-red pomegranates: Use a grouping of one or a combination of all for a luxurious effect. Leave on stems and leaves for a more organic look.

Exalt daily bread. Buy or bake beautiful loaves and rolls of various sizes, colors, and textures. Arrange on a rectangular tray in a long, low basket, or directly on the table with wheat stalks; whole, unshelled nuts; and small evergreen boughs.