What's In Season: December

Photo by Alison Miksch

Blood Oranges
How To Select: Beneath the thin, sometimes reddish skin of blood oranges you’ll find rich, ruby-red pulp, with hints of strawberry and raspberry flavors. Pick fruit heavy for its size, indicating more juice. Store in a cool place or in your refrigerator’s crisper.

Preparation Tips: Squeeze the dramatic-hued juice for drinks and sauces. To section, trim both ends; stand on end and slice off peel and pith top to bottom. Toss bite-size pieces with arugula or cabbage, toasted almonds, chopped red onion, olive oil, and tarragon vinegar. For dessert, combine with chocolate, chopped mint, cinnamon, or orange liqueur, and serve over vanilla ice cream.

Health Benefits: Stellar source of vitamin C, plus calcium, fiber, and glutathione.

—Elisa Bosley