What's In Season? April

Look For: baby radishes

How To Select: Seek out a rainbow of radishes—from the familiar red-skinned variety to grass green or even crimson—at your farmers' market or grocery. Choose firm, smooth bulbs; avoid large specimens, which can be fibrous or tough.

Tips To Prepare: Beautiful, crisp, and peppery, radishes are often unfairly relegated to mere garnish status, but their zippy flavor can enhance numerous dishes. Finely dice or grate and add to salsa or coleslaw, or slice paper-thin and drizzle with toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds for a refreshing salad. Radishes, like other root vegetables, are also delicious when roasted, becoming creamy and sweet.

Health Benefits: Radishes are 90 percent water, but also contain vitamin C and folate.

—Elisa Bosley