Wanted: Labeling on Genetically-Engineered Foods

Genetic engineering has greatly affected the national food supply. In fact, USDA statistics show that as much as 44 percent of acreage was planted with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in 1998. While consumers may assume that these man-made plants have no adverse effects on human health and the environment, the truth is that no one actually knows.

The federal agencies responsible for regulating biotech corporations are also responsible for promoting GMOs. Consequently, these agencies are most concerned with public acceptance of GMOs, rather than potential risks. While nations in Europe and Asia are requiring labels on GMO products, or banning them entirely, the U.S. government still isn't seriously considering mandated labels.

As the public becomes more informed about GMOs, the credibility of the biotech industry and the federal government will come into question — unless significant consumer health and environmental safety questions are addressed. In the meantime, federally mandated labeling is the only responsible way to accommodate people who want to avoid GMOs. Don't consumers have a right to know?

— Mike Liguori

What you can do:
Contact Citizens for Health at 800-357-2211 or visit its website at www. citizens.org for more information about this topic.

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