French for “sour wine,” vinegar delivers a pungent kick to recipes. Here are four high-quality favorites to add to your pantry.


Made from white grapes and aged in wooden barrels, this sweet, dark brown vinegar is the perfect base for salad dressings. Stir it into a sauce of sautéed shallots, orange marmalade, and fresh chopped pears, and serve over pork chops. Or boil gently until syrupy and drizzle over roasted vegetables or ice cream.


A staple of Asian cooking, this colorless vinegar is made from fermented rice and adds a delicately sweet zing to dishes. Toss into a vegetable stir-fry with ginger; sprinkle over steamed peas; or mix with honey for a delicious fruit-salad dressing.


This herb lends a clean, bright essence that mellows but doesn't overpower vinegar's tartness. Blend tarragon vinegar with avocado oil and a little agave nectar to dress a salad. Or reduce it with wine, and fresh or dried tarragon, mix with melted butter, and use to baste grilled salmon or chicken.


This unusual, salty condiment is made from pickled plums and red shiso leaves, which give it a pretty pink color. Drizzle over steamed cauliflower or broccoli. Or blend with tofu, mayonnaise, toasted cashews, and fresh dill for a healthy dip.