As we enter
the long tree-lined
drive to the farm
on a hill
the sun is setting
over distant treetops:
a huge orange-red globe
spreading light
across early evening sky.
Soon after, in the east,
a full moon hangs low
above the cornfield.

Indoors, ten friends gather
’round the dinner table
to celebrate the full moon.
Three small pumpkins
form a centerpiece—
pumpkins hollowed out
and lightly baked.
In each, a different soup:
peach-winter squash,
corn-potato, and
Other dishes
guests have brought
fill the table:
carrot salad, sweet
potato casserole,

roasted squash, turnips,
sweet potatoes…
More good things,
but overall
what an orange meal
rampant with beta-carotene!
We’ll all glow
with orange energy.

Lots of conversation,
then a poet
reads a poem by Rumi—
serious and mysterious.
And one she’s written
years ago in mountain
country: its title
“Autumn Moon.”
Big, round—and
orange, of course.

—Sandra Kocher ©