Crazy for cranberries
As a former resident of southeast Massachusetts (near several cranberry bogs), I have always enjoyed cranberry recipes. When I saw Cranberry-Apple Merlot Sauce (December 2005), I thought of trying it, but I wanted to substitute grape juice for the Merlot. If I used the same amount of juice as the recipe listed for wine, it came out a little too juicy. But using just 1 cup grape juice is much better. The smell of the sauce simmering on the stove is wonderful, and it tastes great, too.

—Carol G. Clark, Kettering, Ohio

What's on your mind?
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Mixed messages
Your January issue was packed with amazing information on how dieting is so much more about knowing the body and listening to ourselves and not about quick fixes or fad diets anymore. Then practically every Ad was about weight loss programs, fat-burning pills, new supplements, or low-carb or low-fat foods. How about an issue with no ads like these, an issue without any of these subtle messages telling people that they aren't incredible just as they are?

—Angela Karegeannes, via e-mail

What's new?
I like reading Delicious Living because the explanations of medical advances offer a promise for better health and a better life. The magazine has a true review of what's new.

—Marlys Ward, Mankato, Minnesota

The write way
Although Delicious Living is a very informative and enjoyable magazine, I have one complaint. In order to enter the exciting contests that you offer, one must have access to a computer. Why not allow a written entry? I also noticed that some of the companies that offer trial or samplers also have no addresses for written requests. I would appreciate them.

—Mrs. Wilowski Biefus, Cairo, New York