Countless new products come across our desks at Delicious Living every month—lots of them are food, and yes, I try almost all of them. Most are fine, but every so often something appears that really grabs me—something that's creative, delicious, and includes healthy ingredients for that added guilt-free bonus. Here are two of my recent faves.

Reed's Ginger Brews, Typically, I'm not a ginger-ale fan, but now I realize that's because most ginger ale doesn't really taste like fresh ginger. These all-natural drinks are incredible—they could double as herbal tonics, but they're way too tasty to give that impression. Check out their website to learn how Reed's hand-crafts these sodas the old-fashioned way, sans artificial colors or flavors. They even use recycled glass bottles. The Original and Extra-Ginger flavors are great, and the Cherry Ginger rocks.

2. Divinely D'lish Granola and Bars, I got samples of these a couple of days ago, and yesterday I grabbed a Cherry Chocolate bar before rushing out the door. It stopped me cold. I couldn't even get out the driveway without thinking about whether I had time to go back and get another one. Better than any candy bar I've ever had, but stuffed with nutritious ingredients. Likewise, this morning's bowl of granola blew me away: big nut chunks, tender oats and grains, dried fruit, and most important, not sickly sweet like most granolas. Made in the Bay Area with local organic ingredients, too.