Nothing beats the sweetness of a perfect watermelon. In addition to the classic red-flesh type, look for yellow flesh, seedless, or cantaloupe-size mini varieties. They're all full of vitamins C and A, plus cancer-fighting lycopene.

Choose a firm, symmetrical watermelon that feels heavy. Store uncut on the counter for up to a week. After cutting, cover and refrigerate, but not for longer than a few days (it'll get mushy).

Toss a salad with arugula, watermelon balls, nectarine pieces, and fresh mozzarella cubes; drizzle with a vinaigrette of equal parts puréed watermelon, white balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Sprinkle with ground black pepper.

Make a cool-hot salsa by combining diced watermelon, strawberries, jalapeño, cilantro, red onion, lime juice, and a little olive oil. Serve with salmon or tortilla chips.

When grilling, lay ½-inch-thick watermelon slices on the grill and warm both sides. Slide onto cooked burgers and top with a bun.

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