Carrot and Ginger Corn Bread

Makes 2 loaves or about 16 muffins / This gluten-free recipe has a fantastic texture and zippy ginger taste. Make-ahead tip: The uncooked batter keeps in the refrigerator for several days, so you can make fresh, hot muffins any morning you feel like it. Ingredient tip: Turbinado sugar is similar to brown sugar but with a coarser texture. View recipe.

Coconut Almond Crunch Granola

Makes 11 cups / Keep extra granola in zip-top bags in the cupboard. Serving tip: I love to top this granola with plain yogurt, fresh fruit, and maybe a drizzle of maple syrup. View recipe.

Skillet Scramble with Kale and Garlic

Serves 2 / Prep tip: To roast garlic, instead of cooking in oil as is the common method, put peeled, whole cloves in an ovenproof dish and cover with water. Cover with foil and cook at 375 degrees for at least one hour, or until cloves are very soft. Serving tip: Serve atop toasted whole-grain pita or naan. View recipe.

Molasses Quinoa Waffles

Serves 10 / Make-ahead tip: This batter keeps nicely in the fridge and is great to have on hand in the morning, or even to make a waffle sundae after dinner. Serving tip: Top with apple butter and softened butter, plus a drizzle of honey. A good ratio of apple butter to whole butter is about 1 tablespoon of apple butter to 1 pat of butter. View recipe.

Apple Butter

Makes 4 cups / Apple butter is a staple on our menu and on my table at home. At the restaurant we spread it with whole butter on our sprouted-grain toast, sprouted-grain bagels, or English muffins. Refrigerate in jars. This makes 4 cups, so you’ll have a couple of jars to gift to friends. View recipe.

Fresh-Juiced Breakfast Beverage

Serves 2 / I call this “The Invigorator,” but it’s no simple beverage. Because natural juices are food, you should view them as a liquid component of your meal that gives your body nutritional sustenance. All-natural fruit and vegetable juices (without fillers and artificial sweeteners) are sometimes a better way to consume otherwise solid foods because the body digests them more easily; however, they do pack calories and so are not meant to be consumed like water. View recipe.

Millennial foods to fuel your day

Fresh fruit. Full of fiber, fruit supplies your body with the materials you need for complete and efficient digestion, plus wholesome sugars for energy.

Quinoa flour. This gluten-free flour lends a distinct, earthy flavor to baked goods. Unlike processed wheat flours, quinoa flour is extremely high in protein and contains all essential amino acids and many beneficial fatty acids.

Water. At Terra Bistro restaurant, we purify and bottle our own local water, and we encourage guests to avoid other beverages when the intent is simply to quench thirst. Juices, which are really liquefied food, have their place in the diet, but ample, pure water is essential for health.