Soyfood Health Benefits

The chart below shows levels of isoflavones in milligrams per 100 grams of food. (Data from the 1999 USDA Iowa State University Database on the Isoflavone Content of Food.)

Food and total isoflavone content(mg/100 grams of edible portion)

Miso: 2.55
Miso soup mix, dry: 0.39
Soymilk: 9.65
Soybean butter: 0.57
Soybean oil: 0.00
Soy flour, full fat, roasted: 198.95
Soy protein isolate: 97.43
Tempeh burger: 3.00
Tofu (Mori-Nu, silken, firm): 7.91
Tofu (Vitasoy, silken, soft): 33.17