Pea-Pine-Fu* Serves 2 Even if you turn up your nose at tofu, this golden smoothie will feed your taste buds. Peach and pineapple are the prominent flavors. The tofu adds a creamy texture.

3/4 cup peach sorbet
3/4 cup white grape juice
1/2 cup silken tofu
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
1 1/2 cups peeled and diced fresh peaches, frozen
1 cup diced fresh pineapple, frozen

Combine the sorbet, grape juice, tofu and lime juice in a blender. Add the peaches and pineapple. Blend until smooth.

*Recipes reprinted with permission from Smoothies: 50 Recipes for High-Energy Replacement (Chronicle Books). Senior editor Rebecca Broida Gart is a self-proclaimed smoothie junkie.