A golden October
Your October issue was an absolute gold mine! I particularly enjoyed your article on kombucha ("The Health Buzz on Kombucha"). I knew it was good for me, but couldn't quite articulate my fungus fascination to anyone else. Also, I appreciated the Halloween candy alternatives ("Trick or Treat"). I can't wait to try the chamomile eye soak from "A Day for You." And for Thanksgiving, my mom and I plan to make the Roasted Yams, Squash, and Chestnuts with Hazelnut Topping recipe featured in "Upper Crust." Thanks so much for the comprehensive and trustworthy content.

—Dominique Farrar, via e-mail

Warm water and lemon
Your editor in chief mentioned in the October Editor's Note that her personal goal was to start each morning by drinking a little warm water with lemon. How much water, and how much lemon? What has it done for you? I'm intrigued!

—Carol Wilant, via e-mail

Our October 2006 story "A Day for You" mentions this Ayurvedic detox treatment. Warm water speeds the process, and lemon promotes salivation, which is the first step in digestion. I usually just squeeze a quarter lemon in my mug of water.

—Pamela Emanoil Bond