What about the cheese?
Trim the (Trans) Fat” (September 2004) was most informative in that it revealed the many sources of these fats. Among the items mentioned were processed cheese and skim or low-fat milk (if powdered milk is added back in). Does this mean that the popular “American cheese” is made with trans fat? Help!

—D. Almay, New Providence, New Jersey

What’s on your mind?
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The cheese you write of may contain trans fat. The key is to check food labels. If you see the words partially hydrogenated vegetable oil on the ingredients list, you can bet that the cheese has trans fat. Fortunately, in January 2006, food manufacturers will be legally required to list how much trans fat is in their products.


Stop the spinning—naturally
While shopping at my local natural products store, I try to pick up your informative magazine as often as possible. Your article “Black Cohosh” (October 2004) helped me to understand why I sometimes feel dizzy. I have been to three doctors already and they never mentioned it could be a menopausal symptom. I am grateful for this finding and will purchase this natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. I appreciate the fact that your magazine is free to the public. How lucky we are.

—Joanne Loffredo, New York

When loss is good
We love your magazine. About a year ago my daughter and I stopped all medications and started eating an organic and natural diet with the help of some of your recipes. To date I have lost 70 pounds, and my daughter has lost 50 pounds. We feel extremely healthy. Thanks a thousand times from both of us, and keep up the good work.

—Lynn C., via e-mail