It’s relatively easy to use the scales to see how many ounces or pounds you’ve poured into that baggy, but what if your recipe calls for three cups of flour? This is where experience comes in handy. Most seasoned bulk-bin shoppers just eyeball it at the store, but one trick is to measure out the desired amount at home and mark your plastic containers, then fill your container up to the mark at the store. Also, when measuring, be realistic about the amount you need. Tempting as it may be to stock up for months, you don’t want to buy too much of a good thing just to have it collect dust on your shelf.

Bulk-bin labels usually include pricing per ounce and per pound. Use a scale to determine the amount you’ve got and then do the basic math. If you want to know if you’re getting a good deal over pre-packaged items, just check the price per ounce listed on the shelf label for each item.

Once you’ve weighed and bagged your bulk items, remember to mark the item number or PLU (price look-up) number on the bag. Bulk sections should have markers and twist ties on hand for your convenience. If you don’t see them, ask an employee.