Makes three 9- to 10-inch crusts or thirty 2-inch crusts / All-purpose flour gives the dough a light, silky quality; whole-wheat flour adds fiber and nutrients. Prep tip: This is a snap to make in a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, but you can certainly do it by hand.

1 tablespoon active dry yeast (about 1 packet)

1 tablespoon honey

1/3 cup warm (about 100 degrees) water

2 cups whole-wheat flour

1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup warm water

Olive oil

1. Combine yeast, honey, and 1/3 cup warm water in a small bowl; stir briefly with a fork. Mixture should foam a bit after 10 minutes (if it doesn’t, your yeast is no good). After it foams, transfer to a mixer bowl. Add flours and salt. Use 1 cup warm water to rinse all yeast mixture from the small bowl; add water-yeast mix to flour mixture. Mix on medium speed for 10 minutes. Dough should be a little sticky and elastic. Remove from mixer and knead briefly on counter.

2. Form dough into a ball and plop into a large, deep bowl. Rub dough with a little olive oil; cover bowl with a clean towel. Allow dough to rise in a warm spot for 1 hour. (A gas oven with just the pilot on is perfect. If your oven is electric, turn it on low for 10 minutes; then turn it off and put the dough in.)

3. Punch down dough. (If necessary, wrap the dough in plastic and refrigerate overnight before proceeding.) Roll into disks about ¼-inch thick. It is important that the dough relaxes after it is rolled. You can put flour or semolina on a waxed-paper-lined baking sheet and keep rolled dough circles covered in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Bring dough to room temperature before grilling.

PER SERVING (one-fourth of one 9-inch crust): 114 cal, 4% fat cal, 1g fat, 0g sat fat, 0mg chol, 4g protein, 24g carb, 3g fiber, 196mg sodium