On my mind this month

  • Astro Alert is my favorite daily astrology column. Check it out. I’m not just plugging it for the magazine; it’s an enlightened—and fun—interpretation of the planets.
  • Miso soup for breakfast tastes so nourishing that I don’t crave my morning black tea (well, at least not as much).
  • Remember to give your sweetie a heartfelt compliment every day. When I do, I notice it makes a difference.

Two brave readers offered up a page from their daily food diaries this month to be critiqued by a nutritionist. One reader received a C+, the other a D (ouch; was that fair?), but in our eyes, both readers get an A+ for putting themselves out there and helping to educate all of us about our daily food choices. I learned from this story to be mindful about hydrating and to make sure I don’t wait so long between meals to eat, making myself vulnerable to empty-calorie food choices. The advice also reminded me to pay more attention to my fiber intake. We hope you learn from this story, too, and take away some tips that will help you improve your daily nutrition.

On another note, we are proud to announce that, with this issue, we are starting to print on 30 percent recycled paper. Some of you may think this is great; others may wonder why we aren’t printing on 100 percent recycled paper. Through extensive research we’ve found that 30 percent is the sweet spot for publication-grade paper in order to maintain a high level of printing quality while still reducing negative environmental effects from processing. We hope you like the look, feel, and environmental message of this paper choice. Please let us know your thoughts.

Jean Weiss