Fuel has been on all of our minds lately. Yes, at the gas pump, and for me, at the grocery store as well. Because it's summer, I tend to push myself harder to make the most of the long, beautiful days. To keep going, I try to eat healthy and stay hydrated, but I often feel increasingly tired as the warm weeks go by. I wonder: Am I taking in the best mix of nutritious foods to help me recover from my daily workouts or unwind after a deadline-packed day? How can I do better?

Enter our story "Fuel Your Day." Here, we provide recipes that will support you in five situations: waking up, exercising, feeling the blues, overindulging, and stressing out. Naturopath Debra Rouse chose all ingredients specifically because they replenish depleted vitamins and minerals and help you rejuvenate. For example, did you know that cilantro is an excellent detoxifier? Or that vitamin C assists in muscle recovery, and cinnamon helps to balance blood sugar and to promote a sense of well-being? For a targeted boost, give one or all of our "functional" dishes in this story a try.

How else can you gain energy for your busy day? For herbal help, turn to "Power Up" for three botanicals—eleuthero, ginseng, and green tea—that help increase stamina in your brain and body. Or the answer could be as simple as drinking enough fluids:
The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies recently suggested that women should take in about 11 cups of fluid every day, and men should get around 16 cups. That may sound like a lot, but one easy way to meet your quota is to "eat" your water. Check out this and other essential hydration tips in "Quenched."

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